Cartier – Bordeaux

I thought it was red?!  Ok, technically it is red, just not the red I was thinking about.  I thought it was rich and saturated red and the dot on the outer box was kinda orange.  Should know that when seeing the dot.  This was a discontinued ink from Cartier when they still made lots of pens.  One of my friends said I will like this bottle since I love red but in the end I like the black better than this one (duh)

This looks like MB Burgundy Red with some dilution (not as solid as MB).  Still long long drying time, almost rewatch my bottom line but it’s red, I have slightly more patient with it.  The ink itself was saturated and kinda lack of shading.  Wet ink flow (as all other red inks) and didn’t bleed or feather on iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm. 

CP value: ???, since it’s discontinued.  I would give 70/100 since it’s not really the red I like and also considering the price.


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