De Atramentis – Royal Blue

I’m not sure what’s the real name for this one from De Atramentis.  I got this bottle with Dr. Sun Yet-Sen on the label and said “Royal Blue” in Chinese.  Oh well, this bottle was in a bondle – and I want other bottles so that’s why.

Very regular royal blue if I have to comment it.  Somehow similar to Parker washable blue and others, slightly lighter than Diamine Majestic Blue (although they have the same translation in Chinese).  A little bit longer to dry compare to other blues, this ink is very saturated which didn’t give much of shading.  Also I can’t say it has water resistant but it didn’t get wash off completely.  Wet ink flow, although it didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm, it feathered.  That’s happened to most of the De Atramentis inks I have.

CP value: 70/100, I have other choices for daily blue inks.


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