R&K – Der Blane Reiter

Another limited edition from R&K.  Never remember how to spell or pronounce the name but whatever.  Had no idea which limited edition was this for but just got a chance to have one.  This wasn’t on my review list until some of my friends requested MB Diamond and Kobe Aegean Sea to compare with this bottle.

A good blue, I think it’s similar to RK’s document ink deark blue (can’t remember the number right now) and a shade darker than Aegean Sea.  However, the drying time is almost reach my limitation.  I’m not sure if I can hold all 20 seconds to wait for it.  Very saturated and still give some shading but this might be gone if it’d in a fine nib pen.  Wet ink flow and didn’t bleed though iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm.  Oh well, no water resistant but who cares, it didn’t say it is water proved.

CP value: 78/100, If this is not a limited edition, I’ll use it daily.


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