Levenger – Cardinal Red

Another red.  I think I did this series of red cause one of my friends asked for red ink suggestion.  Levenger inks are in the ver cute bottle which looks like the potion bottle from many MMORPG – that ended up as we nickname Levenger as “the potion ink”.

Again, this is not my ideal red.  It’s very hard to explain what kind of red I was looking for.  The closest i can get so far was from Pen and Message Shu-Urushi (yeah, another Sailor ink released only for that store).  J. Herbin 1670 red without the greenish gold sheen might work too but still only “close” to what I’m looking for.

I still like this color, very solid, saturated, deep red.  I really don’t care about the shading when talking about red inks.  Relatively shorter drying time in the red tone range, the flow was nicely wet, and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm.  It still left some trace of ink in the dripping test so only a little water resistant.  The real color is slightly darker than the photo.
CP value: 77/100, good red but currently nobody carries this brand in TW, sad.


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