De Atramentis x Kaze – Snow

I think this is a collaboration between De Atramentis and Kaze from China.  The scented ink was described as “fresh air in the mountain” which made no sense to me but I got it anyway.  At least the smell was pleasant and my nose didn’t run for its life.

However, another turquoise?! OMG how many turquoise inks I had reviewed lately?  The ink has some of the cons of De Atramentis inks share – feathering.  It’s not that clear in the photo but it does feather on iPaper UCCU, PaperOne 70gm, and DoubleA.  Good saturation though with some shading, the drying time is almost reached my limit.  No water resistant as usual.  The wet ink flow didn’t bleed though iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm but… feathering.  This might be able to solve with finer nib pen.

CP value: ???, I’m not sure the availability.  73/100 if it’s a regular.


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