Lamy – Neon Lime

Another bottle that killed my eyes.  So bright I’m not sure who is going to use it as daily ink other than highlighter.  It’ll be better with 1 shade darker.  This is the limited edition ink from Lamy for its 2014 Safari (if my memory is correct) and the only similar ink I can think about was from PenBBS, also neon green.

The drying time is standing on my nerve – and then I’m like, whatever, I’ll never use this as regular ink so don’t care.  Medium saturation with good shading (but I doubt anyone could see it clear enough with this bright color or anyone cares).  No water resistant which I don’t really care either – highlighters don’t need water resistant at all.  Wet ink flow and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm.  Now I’m thinking about getting a 2.4mm nib or something with this ink to work as highlighter in the office.

CP value: ???, since it’s limited edition and sold-out already, would only give 60/100 if it’s regular.  


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