Waterman – Blue Black “Mysterious Blue”

To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed with this bottle.  It’s blue black toward  the blue side and it didn’t show any water resistant as other blue black inks (due to no iron gall added)  I like more black-sided blue black.

Very short drying time, even with a B nib.  However, I think it’s kinda picky on both the nib and the paper.  It was ok with iPaper UCCU but sometime the ink flow couldn’t follow the writing on PaperOne 70gm.  The color is very saturated with a little bit of shading.  No water resistant (as stated before) and the ink flow wasn’t as wet as other blue black inks (but I thought IG would add some dryness?)  Well, at least it didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm (or just simply had not enough ink flow to bleed through?)

CP value: 78/100, nice cheap dark blue ink if you’re not considering it as blue black.


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