KWZ – Aztec Gold IGL

The new and the last KWZ I got.  Kinda sad that I didn’t get a chance to have Northern Twilight from the pen show. 

Anyway.  Another IG ink from KWZ.  Color changes as all other IG except it is an IG Light ink – which I can’t really tell the difference.  People on the internet said this bottle feel like IG Gold or IG Green Gold, I think this one is similar to IG Brown 3 but 1 shade lighter.  Although I’m not a big fan of brown tone inks, this bottle is kinda interesting that I might consider to use it on daily base.

About standard drying time for most of KWZ IG inks, between 10 to 15 sec.  The color changed from a brighter red-toned brown to the color you see in the photo, slightly darker than when it was wet.  Some water resistant due to the IG conponent and the pigments were washed off.  Good saturation with a little bit of shading, not sure if it was due to dipping pen or it would be the same on regular fountain pen.  Wet ink flow (which I like) and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm.  Hopefully it won’t bleed through as Methnol Green.

CP value: 85/100, nice ink


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