Seitz Kreuznach – Palm Green

The photo showed slightly mis-colored.  The real ink tone is more toward the green and 1 shade darker.

Another ink from SK, got the entire set before they changed the bottle. The color itself felt like Marine from Diamine and 1 shade lighter than Pelikan Aquamarine.  Short drying time, within 5 to 10 sec, on a fine nib.  Good saturation with some shading.  No water resistant as usual.  The ink flow was a little bit stiff and didn’t go as what I like.  Well, the good part was, it didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm.

However, I don’t like this color.  Not just because it was similar to Marine or Aquamarine, it was a “oh it’s not so green green” kinda thing.  Just me.

CP value: 63/100, got it for a set, probably never gonna open it again.


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