KWZ – Menthol Green

This is the color that KWZ officially annoused that they changed formula to avoid further feather/fade-through problem.  This photo was tested with the new formula ink and I’ll attach the old formula at the bottom for reference.

The drying time is about standard to KWZ, 10-15 sec.  Good saturation with some shading.  No water resistant as usual but the wash-off color is also a nice color.  Wet ink flow and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm.

MUCH BETTER.  I mean, compared to the old formula, as for now, probably 3 weeks after I finished the written review, it didn’t go through the other side of iPaper UCCU (see photo)

The old formula…. went through the paper and stained to the following page:

It took time to make this happen but that’s the only ink would do this since I started to have fun with fountain pens.

Lastly, the comparison between 2 formulas and you can see clearly the ink at the left (old formula) fade and turned lighter while the right ink (new formula) kept together.

CP value: 80/100 for the new formula, 49/100 for the old one.


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