Seitz Kreuznach – Navy Blue

I’m not sure what’s the standard of “Navy Blue” – this bottle is more toward to the gray side than what I had in mind.  Or, it’s the sea in the gloomy day.  Some other similar colors including KWZ IG blues (they are all in gray-blue just different shades), Diamine China Blue is one shade lighter when dried,  and probably RK LE for Fine Writing International.

Relatively short drying time in the Blue inks or it’s due to the fine nib.  Very saturated that I can’t really see any shading with the F nib.  No water resistant without surprise and didn’t bleed through iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70 gm.  Although I said it was with the wet ink flow, it turned toward the stiff side that I ended up washing off without finishing the Con40. 

CP value: 75/100, ok for office duty but it’s not really navy to me.


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