Diamine – Blue Flame (Shimmer ink)

OoooooooOOoooooOooooOOOOoooO~~~~~ shiny~~~~~ lol

This bottle is one of the second set shimmer inks that Diamine released.  My thought? Not workable in the office and a cheaper version of J. Herbin 1670 Blue with gold shimmer.  You can see the gold shimmer in the photo (especially on “water”, shiny~~~~)

So let’s talk about the basic things.  Relatively quick drying time in blues, pretty saturated with not much shading.  Well, it’s Diamine, no water resistant as all others.  Surprisingly it didn’t feather on iPaper UCCU and didn’t bleed through it either. 

If, I say if, you want a dual functional ink, like office workable and occasionally shimmer, this can be the bottle – since the gold dust precipitated fairly quick.  Office use? Don’t shake the shimmer up then there you go.  Pretty much applicable to all shimmer inks (Diamine, J. Herbin 1670, PenBBS… etc etc)

CP value: 79/100, well, I have enough blue inks that I might not need it for office anyway, loool


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