Diamine – Megenta Flash (Shimmer Ink)

Another shimmer ink, this time it’s silver.  Not as clear as gold shimmer but still can be seen on “Saturation”.

General facts: ok drying time within 15 sec, pretty saturated with not much shading (which I really don’t care), no water reistant as all other Diamine inks, and wet ink flow.  This bottle feathered a little on iPaper UCCU and also showed some trace on the other side of the paper.  Not sure if that’s due to the paper or the ink – sometimes iPaper UCCU is tricky and sometimes just all Diamine’s fault.

Similar color to RK Megenta (#320 or #310, can’t remember right now) and lighter Iroshizuku Tsutsuji (躑躅) But in term of the daily use… I don’t know, I won’t use this color for diary or other things I need to read for a long time.  Shimmer didn’t give it a plus, probably Diamine released it just to have a set?

CP value: 69/100, oh well…


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