Sailor – Storia Night

This post is for Chien-chi Lin, one of the most important people in the fountain pen world to me.

Sailor released the Storia series in order to get into the water-resistant inks (when RK and Super5 were dominated the market at that moment) 8 colors in total and I think this is the only useful bottle. Why? It’s blue. Other than Storia, Sailor has Kiwa-Guro and Sei-Boku, which Kiwaguro was fine but Seiboku would precipitate out on the nib.

Anyway, it’s blue. Not as Lion would wash off some pigments, this actually stays on the paper pretty well. About standard drying time for all blue inks, it’s pretty saturated with some shading (might due to OM nib… not that used to it). Good water resistant and no pigment wash-off, the flow was pretty nice (wet enough) and didn’t bleed or feather on iPaper UCCU or PaperOne 70gm. However, I’m not sure if this bottle will be fading out as other blue inks.

CP value: 88/100, the price is on the higher end if you compare with Sei-Boku or MB Permeant Blue.


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